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Surety Bonds

You may think you’re fully covered, but sometimes you need a bond to guarantee a financial obligation.

General liability insurance, professional liability insurance, commercial auto insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, commercial umbrella policy and cyber insurance may not be enough in some circumstances. Cragin & Pike can perform an in-depth review of your business and financial wellbeing and make sound recommendations.

A bond, also known as a surety bond, is an agreement between three entities: the principal (the entity that purchases a bond), the obligee (the entity that receives the benefit) and Cragin & Pike. The bond doesn’t pay for claims, but provides a financial guarantee that the entity purchasing the bond will reimburse the obligee if the principal defaults, fails to fulfill its obligations, or a claim is made.

Bonds Are Needed for a Variety of Reasons Including:

Construction Bonds & Contract Bonds

  • Bid
  • Performance
  • Payment & Maintenance Bonds

Commercial & Court Bonds

  • Appeal
  • Supersedeas
  • Court
  • Bank Depositor
  • Customs
  • Permit
  • Lien
  • Reclamation
  • Tax
  • Subdivision
  • Supply
  • Utility
  • Wage & Welfare
  • Self-insured Bonds
  • and many more

Fiduciary & Probate Bonds

  • Guardian
  • Executor
  • Receiver
  • Trustee
  • Administrator

Grow with Confidence

Cragin & Pike has the expertise to place almost any size bond making us a valuable business partner for any company that wants to grow its surety capacity. As your advocate, we help you navigate the application process. As your trusted consultant, we safeguard your confidential information. As your champion, we help you lay solid foundations for growth and larger capacities as you progress forward.

Gone are the days of wondering if your bonding capacity will be enough should you land your dream project. Cragin & Pike helps you win contracts with bid, performance, and payment surety bonds and positions you for greater capacity as your company grows.

With literally thousands of bonds available across all 50 states, our experts are here to help you find the right bond for your needs.

Surety Application Process

When applying for a bond, we bring to the table a thorough  understanding of how surety companies work, as well as an accountant’s mindset. We help you dissect your financial statements and present them to the surety company in a way that enhances your story.

Throughout the process, we will guide you so can avoid many of the common pitfalls. We help convey your story and highlight the qualifications that make you the right contractor for the job.

Confidentiality Matters

The surety application process can be quite invasive. In some cases, we end up knowing more about you than even your spouse. That’s why building trust is critical. Our pledge to you is one of respect and confidentiality. Much like your attorney, our lips are sealed.

Expanding Your Capacity

We are your first call when you bid a project that is outside of your capacity. We take the role of the negotiator with the surety company and present why the risk is acceptable. You can feel confident that we are championing for your success and always positioning you in the most favorable light.

We have associations with both clients and surety companies that began over 60 years ago.

That’s how Cragin & Pike is helping to build Nevada. Contact us to speak to a bonding consultant today.

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