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Covering High-Stakes Properties

Hotel casinos and gaming facilities are, by nature, risky ventures. We understand the unique challenges when it comes to insuring all types of casinos, including hotel-casinos, standalone gaming operations, and sovereign nation casinos. Around-the-clock operations with venues that entertain the public have a very high obligation under the duty of care. This means, by law, owners must do everything they can to manage risk and protect employees, guests, contractors, and entertainers.

General Liability insurance and a low-limit Umbrella policy are simply not enough for a hotel-casino. We tailor our coverage for the gaming industry by coupling a large Excess Liability policy with a robust Risk Management Program to protect you from even the most catastrophic occurrence.

We partner with you to develop and manage a comprehensive insurance plan that fits your unique situation. Our dedicated consultants respond with you in real-time because we know and appreciate what it means to work in a busy, open 24-hours-a-day, environment.

We’re proud of our hard-earned reputation as a remarkable and reliable company. Our tailored risk management platform with personal responsiveness allows us the ability to solve problems quickly, in a collaborative environment.

We Service a National Market

Although we call Las Vegas, Nevada home, the full scope of our services and insurance plans are available anywhere in the US. Our risk management system is a robust and scalable tool by design. This platform, along with an unmatched team of seasoned consultants, allows us to share our expertise with businesses across the country while still preserving our standards of excellence.

Let us help you feel optimistic and secure about your future by creating a robust risk management plan that addresses where you are most vulnerable. Our consultants are enthusiastic about integrating with your team in whatever roles you need – consultant, guide, advocate, and partner.

In 1946, Cragin & Pike insured the first casino ever built on The Strip in Las Vegas Nevada – The Flamingo Hotel & Casino. This landmark establishment was constructed for only 6 million dollars and housed a mere 105 rooms.

We’ve insured gambling operations since their legalized inception in 1931. Imagine what the wealth of our experience can do for your business.

We’re the Pit Boss of Insurance Firms

Cragin & Pike has been insuring casinos-hotels since gambling was legalized in 1931. There is no other firm that understands the gaming industry better than we do. With over 88 years of experience helping casinos and gambling establishments, we’ve learned a thing or two. Most importantly, we recognize that we must continually be growing and evolving with the industry in order to provide the best service, coverage and advice.

At Cragin & Pike, we develop specialized, cohesive teams that are dedicated solely to the gaming industry. These effectual consultants are much like a pit boss when it comes to protecting casinos and gambling establishments. They watch over the entirety of your business to ensure safeguards are in place for guests, employees, and owners. They take proactive measures where they can to prevent loss and make sure claims are handled properly.

Prevention is the Safest Bet

At Cragin & Pike, we never gamble with your future. Preventing claims from ever occurring is just one of the ways we protect what you’ve already built and what you’ll build tomorrow. Our reputation as a trusted partner within the gaming industry is the result of many years of experience and seasoned, industry-dedicated consultants.

Our risk management team works diligently to understand your specific long term objectives, internal processes, and, most importantly, your vulnerabilities.

Our Comprehensive Risk Management Services are Tailored to Fit Your Needs

  • Customer Safety
  • Full Concierge Services with Claims
  • OSHA Internal Audit
  • Regular Property Visits
  • Property Hazards Assessment
  • Operations Culture
  • Employee Relations
  • Cyber
  • External Threats
  • Disaster Recovery Strategy
  • Contract and COI Review
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Our Elite Status is Your Elite Status

Cragin & Pike is proud to have Elite Status with many gaming insurance carriers. Our unique position within the gaming industry, along with our reputation for excellence, affords us access to many exclusive policies at preferred pricing, something our competitors simply cannot offer.

Empower Your Employees with Meaningful Benefits

Attracting, engaging, and retaining top employees is critical in the gaming industry. At Cragin & Pike, we recognize there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to employee benefit initiatives and programs so instead of prepackaged solutions, we help you identify the most meaningful benefits for your teams. By tailoring programs that engage employee interests and increase program involvement, hotel-casinos can improve their bottom lines and drive core business results.

Our Employee Benefits Consultants will help you achieve the most employee perceived value while working within the parameters of your company’s budget. Our ability to work with integrated platforms creates a simplified employee experience that maximizes your HR investments.

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