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Our Team

To remain an industry leader, Cragin & Pike invests in what matters most, our team. We are committed to cultivating a culture of excellence and encourage 100% engagement. 


  • Scott Kerestesi, Executive Vice President and COO

    Scott Kerestesi

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Todd Morse, Executive Vice President, Cragin & Pike

    Todd Morse

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Chris Campbell, Executive Vice President

    Chris Campbell

    Executive Vice President

  • Dulcinea Rongavilla, Executive Vice President, Cragin & Pike

    Dulcinea Rongavilla

    Executive Vice President

  • Matthew Cook, Director, Risk Management, Cragin & Pike

    Matthew Cook

    Executive Vice President

  • Greg Mckinley, CEO

    Greg McKinley


  • Jeff Burford, Cragin and Pike

    Jeff Burford

    Senior Vice President, Sales

  • John Adams

    John Adams

    Senior Vice President, Service

  • Janice Fleming, Vice President, Cragin & Pike

    Janice Fleming

    Senior Vice President, Private Client Group

  • Danielle Black, Cragin & Pike

    Danielle Black

    Vice President, Property & Casualty

  • Hector Cervantes

    Hector Cervantes

    Account Executive, Employee Benefits

We are a cohesive team of advocates helping our clients reach and protect their dreams. For over a century, we’ve committed ourselves to a higher standard of service and helping our customers thrive.