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Report a Claim

Filing a Claim with Cragin & Pike

Claims happen, we expect them, and we are here to help you through the whole process. There is no extra charge associated with our concierge services, it’s part of what we do to provide superior customer service.

It is our privilege to serve you, especially when you need us most.

Step 1

Call us first. We will gather important information regarding your claim from you directly and then take action. You will have an in-house claims consultant that will assist you through the entire claims process.

If during business hours: 702-877-1111

  • In case of an emergency involving a claim or accident after business hours, please call our International Insurance Services at 702-471-9017.

Step 2

We are your experienced champion and will communicate with the carrier, adjuster, attorneys, banks, and any other 3rd parties for you. This allows us to present the information in an expected and expedited manner.

Step 3

We will communicate with you with updates throughout the entire process until the claim has been resolved.