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In the construction industry, preventing a claim from ever happening IS the cost savings.

Cragin & Pike is your Insurance & Risk Management Consultant in the construction industry and we are the industry leader in Nevada. We’ve built a culture of excellence from within so that we can be a strong partner for you as you build your company. If you want or need a champion in your corner who is comprehensive and specific, here are the ways we can help:

Construction Risk Management – Prevention 

For contractors, cost savings never happen by selecting the cheapest insurance policy. Preventing a claim in the first place is what truly guards money while also protecting your most precious assets, your people. We help you avoid claims by proactively fostering a safety-conscious culture and identifying risks before a project begins.

At Cragin & Pike, you will work with a team that is dedicated solely to the construction industry. They will provide comprehensive risk management, helping you reduce workplace accidents and claims. With Cragin & Pike in your corner, you receive more than your own team of experts, you also get over one hundred years of experience that has been passed down through generations.

Safety & OSHA

A team of consultants will assist you in bringing your company into compliance by performing onsite inspections, reviewing safety manuals, helping you establish a safety committee and implementing safety protocols, attending your safety meetings, and providing OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 training. If your company is audited by OSHA, we are there as your advocate. Should your business incur fines, we will negotiate on your behalf. 

Process Development 

Our consultants will assist your business in implementing processes and procedures to mitigate losses.

Contract Reviews

We will review your contracts and help your team determine insurance requirements for subcontractors.

Quarterly Reviews

Each quarter we will meet with your team to review the growth of your business. This provides us an opportunity to reexamine any claims and ensure you are not exposed to undiscovered liabilities.

Site Visits 

Our consultants are as dedicated to safety as you are which is why we offer site visits to each of your projects. We are experts in helping you identify safety risks and avoiding costly claims. 

Risk Management Center

Our extensive database of risk management resources is available to your team with just one click. As our client, you get to share in our wealth of knowledge through a convenient on-line library full of industry related articles, safety planning tips, product reviews, and relevant case studies. We provide the answers you need, right at your fingertips.

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Hand-Tailored Insurance Policies for the Construction Industry

We have access to all major carriers that insure construction companies and have achieved Elite Status with several of them. This allows us to provide the most suitable policies at the best rates.

Surety Bonds

The dedicated surety department at Cragin & Pike will help you navigate the complex terrain of surety programs. We have extensive carrier relationships and rich history of dealing with reputable sureties. Our skilled consultants take time to understand your business and develop long-term strategies that ensure you reach growth and profitability objectives. With our large book of profitable businesses, we hold a unique position among many market partners and are extended to the highest level of trust – a clear advantage over our competitors.

Employee Benefits

The greatest risk any organization faces is not having the right team for the job.

Top performing teams don’t just happen; they are cultivated over time with careful planning. We understand this challenge which is why our Employee Benefits Consultants can help you take your company to the next level. We take the time to get to know your industry then create competitive packages designed to increase your attraction and retention rates while offering you the most cost-saving strategies.

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